Personal Training is now one of the most sought after professions as; fitness industry is increasing at a fast pace.
But becoming a personal trainer requires some very crucial skills, in the presence of which one can become a very successful trainer. Some of these skills are-

Motivation skills
Ask any personal trainer about the skills required in their profession and you will find great motivation skills to be on the topmost position. How are you going to make your client do that last painful rep, without any motivation skills?
There are many people who enroll themselves for the gym and then are not regular enough to get the desired results. So what are the reasons for this laid back behavior? The routine in gym becomes monotonous for many after a certain point of time, so what turns out to be a motivating factor is, the way in which your personal trainer takes your workout plan forward.

Communication Skills
Taking the above point further, how on earth can a personal trainer expect to convey his motivation to his student, if not in possession of some great communication skills. Communication skill not just in oral but also in written format is required in order to make yourself standout from the crowd of Personal trainers.
When you write down the fitness plan for someone they need to be able to understand it well. Good communication skill is required when you are explaining to your client the form and how to do the exercise, which muscles are involved in it and also the benefits one will reap through the exercises.
Many times you need to counsel the prospective clients about the importance of workout and benefits to human body. In cases as such you need to be able provide crisp information in short time. Good communication skill is like your most important tool in such cases.

Great Listening skills
What the client is telling about himself, his health or requirement, needs to be listened properly. This is needed as you have to know your client’s goals so as to be able to create a good program for him.
As every client has different body type and requirement, this skill is a must.

Organisation skills
A personal trainer’s day can be very long taking into consideration the timings at which people want to train. There are different time-slots in which people train. So you need to be extremely organized to be able to plan and execute different workouts daily. The number of clients visiting a gym daily is huge; hence this skill is very important.

Promoting Self
As many trainers work in Gym, one needs to be able to promote oneself as a capable trainer. To be able to mingle with the people in the Gym and create good professional relations with all is very important. Networking and maintaining positive vibes around you is a must as well. Having a satisfied client is the best type of promotion one can do.
Hence we can see that apart from having good core skillsets, a personal trainer also needs these additional skills in order to gain success. This knowledge of being a good personal trainer is imparted in Personal Health management institutes. In Pune Transformnation is one such institute which can help you fulfill the dream of becoming a personal Trainer.



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