There are not many people who are not aware of the legendary sun-father duo Dragan Radovic and Rajko Radovic. Dragan Radovic is well known in the fitness training circle and has taken the shape of a cult figure after developing the popular fitness 4X4 training program. His son Rajko Radovic is also a well know sportsperson and fitness trainer and senior Radovic has passed on the baton to his able son to carry forward his legacy. Rajko Radovic is very popular not only as a sportsperson but also as a celebrity fitness trainer. Many people whish to know the secret behind Rajko Radovic’s fitness. It is no secret that he is an ardent follower of his father’s fitness 4X4 training program but there is one more thing that constitutes the amazing body of Rajko Radovic- Maximuscle.

Maximuscle is a popular sports nutrition supplier of UK and has been providing nutritional support to many sports person and fitness experts around the world. Fitness for the sports events requires something more than training – it requires proper nutrition to boost the performance. Boosting performance means that you would have to better your own record during the endurance tests. Sports nutrition has been always treated as a collection of drugs that are nothing but performance enhancers. This particular notion has been completely wiped away by Maximuscle through the introduction of various sports nutrition products that provide the body with the required energy boost to perform better.

We all are aware of the fact that most of the sports nutritional products are fake and they never ever live up to what they advertise. With the introduction of the Maximuscle, the sports nutrition industry has got a huge boost because their products have lived up to what they advertised. This is why it is trusted by legendry sportsperson and fitness experts like Rajko Radovic. Rajko Radovic believes that he has seen a huge jump in his VO2 Max and also a good dip in his Resting Heart Rate within a short period of time – combinational magic of 4X4 fitness program and nutritional products from Maximuscle. Maximuscle has an array of products in the form of Promax, Protrient, Recovermax, Viper Extreme Bars and Ache Free that are dear to most of the athletes and sports person. Same is the story for Rajko Radovic. He says that these products supply the body with the right amount of energy to carry on for a longer period of time.

Rajko Radovic prefers the products from Maximuscle because he thinks that these products provide the right amount of energy required during the recovery period and also before one starts the practice sessions. This is the reason why he thinks that these products can work as the biggest performance enhancer. All these products are medically proven to provide the body with the requisite energy after their intake. These are safe for the body and cause no harm to the internal system. Products from Maximuscle is not only the secret behind the fitness of Rajko Radovic but also many such fitness trainers from different corners of the earth.


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